Farial is a Philanthropy Analyst at Koda Capital, and works closely with David Knowles and Chris Wilson in Koda’s Philanthropy and Social Capital team. Farial is involved in all aspects of the philanthropy team’s activities including helping shape the strategic direction of the team, which aims to provide advice to philanthropic individuals, non-profit and charitable organisations across a range of issues from mission and governance to fundraising and investment advice. Amongst other responsibilities, Farial helps to drive business development activity, support client relationships and organise the many events the team hosts to drive education and capacity-building in the non-profit sector.

Farial has played a leading role in launching Koda’s community engagement initiative – The Allies Program, and is responsible for its ongoing management. She is also one of the co-founders of Plus One, an initiative to harness the internal training capabilities of corporations in Australia, to offer free professional development to non-profit leaders.

Prior to joining Koda, Farial spent over 10 years, across 4 continents, in the field of public relations, providing communications advice to a range of companies predominantly in the technology sector, such as Microsoft and IBM. Subsequent to that, Farial founded and ran her own business, an online store, for 7 years.

Farial graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, USA.

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