6 February 2019

Euromoney today released the 2019 Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey results.

Koda Capital debuted in the survey results and was ranked #1 in Philanthropic Advice as well as #1 in Succession Planning Advice and Trusts.

Euromoney surveyed private banks and wealth managers across Australia to identify the firms that they consider to be their top competitors.

The survey results are based on the scores from peer nominations received and voter participation points. No self-nominations or parent/subsidiary company nominations were allowed.

Koda CEO Paul Heath commented “it is always special to be recognised by your peers. These Euromoney awards are a reflection of the quality outcomes we deliver to our clients. Particular credit goes to our Structuring & Tax as well as and Philanthropic & Social Capital teams.”

Full survey results and more details on the survey methodology can be seen at euromoney.com