26 February 2018

Koda Capital has become the first Australian firm of its kind to offer investors the opportunity to make investments that deliberately improve the world.

The fully-fledged impact investment advisory service will enable Koda clients to make investments that are deliberately designed to generate measurable social or environmental returns as well as financial returns.

“Investors are increasingly aware that their capital can be used not just to prevent harm but to do good. Impact investing offers them an opportunity to do this without forgoing a financial return.” said Koda’s head of philanthropy and social capital, David Knowles, who is also a partner at the fast-growing independent advice firm.

“This is an extremely positive step for the firm, our clients, and the future of impact investing in Australia. We are delighted to be bringing this capability to clients and we are confident demand for this style of investing will grow significantly in coming years.” said Knowles.

Koda will advise clients how to invest in carefully selected domestic and international opportunities, with the benefit of market monitoring and due diligence conducted by highly respected advisory group Australian Impact Investments. Australian Impact Investments was chosen by Koda after a competitive tender process confirmed its reputation for integrity and capability. Australian Impact Investment’s Chief Investment Officer, Kylie Charlton said “Demand for impact investment is growing rapidly and we are delighted to partner with Koda on this pioneering initiative.”

“Our clients can build portfolios that reflect not just their financial objectives, but their values and their desire to invest in social and environmental change.” Koda Capital CEO, Paul Heath said.

Koda was founded by Heath and former MLC CEO Steve Tucker in 2014 and has from day one set out to be the natural home for high net worth, philanthropic, non-profit and impact-driven investors.

To learn more about this opportunity please contact David Knowles on 0429 726 277 or david.knowles@kodacapital.com.