Family wealth can be a complex and sensitive area. At Koda Capital we recognise the importance of sustaining family unity as well as supporting prosperity - and we understand the level of focus that is required in both the financial and non-financial areas.

We work closely with families to create tailored plans that embrace common values and goals across generations, while simultaneously fostering and supporting both intra- and inter-generational relationships. Additionally, we develop frameworks that help avoid the dissipation of wealth through intergenerational disputes or poor investment decisions.

Maintaining family prosperity and unity

We place education at the core of our advice, offering coaching to members of the current and next generation. We help stimulate communication through structured meetings that enable families to be self-governing. Areas of most interest to families include establishing a family charter, succession planning, estate planning, transfer of wealth, continuity strategies, philanthropy, and conflict management. When working with family businesses we look at the role of family members versus non-family stakeholders, as well as help develop guidance to promote collective decision-making for the long term.

At Koda Capital we take a holistic approach to family governance and wealth management which can unite family members through shared purpose and aspirations to ensure a lasting legacy.


For publicly available reports and papers from the Family Leadership team, please visit's Insights page.