With the benefit of complete independence, we will work with you to deliver a portfolio that draws on the full range of investment opportunities available both domestically and internationally. Our structure and culture enable us to act swiftly when needed to protect your wealth while simultaneously delivering results that can only come from investing with a Koda adviser.

Investment markets by their nature are complex. Working together, we cut through the fog and focus on a strategy that is relevant to you. This approach, along with our ability to assess investments across a wide universe, enables us to construct a portfolio that best meets your financial needs and investment objectives.

Sharing the investment journey

You are an individual, and your portfolio will be constructed to reflect this. As we commence the process of investing each client's portfolio, we assume nothing and take nothing for granted. Our relationship starts with detailed consultation and a thorough analysis of your current position, your aspirations, and your attitude to risk.

Our strength is our flexibility, nimbleness, and ability - with thorough research - to invest outside the box. We will work closely with specialists to ensure that we are on top of investment themes, trends, and global events. Once we commence the journey with you, we continually monitor, review and adjust your portfolio, adapting to your circumstances and market dynamics, and exploring every new opportunity we believe will help to both protect and grow your wealth.


For publicly available reports and papers from the Investment Strategy team, please visit kodacapital.com's Insights page.