Koda Capital provides expert and impartial advice to non-profit, charitable and philanthropic investors.

By working with those who provide as well as receive social capital, we have a deep understanding and knowledge of the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. 

Exceptional Investment Management and Advice for Non-Profits

Providing independent advice to charitable and non-profit organisations is a core part of Koda’s service offering. We are passionate, deeply experienced and committed to working with our non-profit clients.

We provide social capital investors outstanding service and peace of mind, in the form of:

  • Good quality, unbiased advice
  • Prudent risk management
  • Sophisticated investment capability
  • People and processes you can trust
  • Tailored solutions
  • Philanthropy & Social Capital services 

Realising philanthropic ambitions

At Koda Capital we recognise that philanthropy is driven by passions that are engrained in an individual's psyche, and that of their family. So with respect and without bias, we help realise philanthropic ambitions every step of the way, from initial vision and planning through to implementation, structuring, and management of charitable funds.

We provide charitable organisations with expert advice on best practice, governance, regulation, investment strategy, and relevant trends in the sector - all of which allows clients to make the best use of their financial resources. We also offer impact investment opportunities that are deliberately designed to generate measurable social or environmental returns as well as financial returns.


Please send enquiries, tender documents and Requests for Proposal to philanthropy@kodacapital.com

For publicly available reports and papers from the Philanthropy & Social Capital team, including 'Investing for Non-Profits: An Effective Investment Policy Statement' and 'Investing for Non-Profits: Essential questions for board and investment committee membersplease visit kodacapital.com's Insights page.